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"I return frequently to the music of Pat Reedy.  For I know without a doubt that there is truth between the lines if not on the surface.  Some of his stories from road doggin' will have you laughing up a lung or having a good cry.

Sometimes I believe he was born in the wrong time and he should be remembered for sacking some English castle in the dark ages, but the music world is lucky to have him in our time and it is a better place for it.  Unapologetically one of the bravest and best songwriters around.  A salute to you sir."

Mike Venata, Western AF

"Reedy’s tunes are simple and sincere throwbacks to the straight-talking country of the 1970s and before..." -- Rolling Stone Country

"If you're looking for the real deal, its name is Pat Reedy..."  -- Saving Country Music

"Armed with the wit of Billy Joe Shaver and the swagger of Waylon Jennings, Pat Reedy is one to watch." -- Wide Open Country

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